Beginning Sunday
June 3, 2018

HTPI HypnoSummer
School 2018

Inspiring you to the highest levels

of helping people with hypnotherapy

How This is the innovative online learning that you have been looking for! We will meet online for eight weeks beginning June 3, 2018 (all courses are recorded for 24/7 and download access in case you cannot attend the real-time broadcast or miss a date). You will have a chance to watch great presentations, and interact using our online zoom-based video chatroom.
What Eight instructors over eight weeks, demonstrating the methods that really work for producing change. You will get 10 hours of continuing education credit from the ICBCH and HPTI and you will have completed a 10 hour course than can be applied to your HPTI course requirements if you are also enrolled in HPTI or chose to enroll in the future. You do not need to be an H.P.T.I student to take summer school This is open to everyone with worldwide access!

Course Instructors

Dr. Richard Nongard
Dr. Richard NongardThe Four Quadrants of Hypnotic Practice and Hypnotic Success
Roger Moore, RHT
Roger Moore, RHTHelping People with Hypnosis at the End-of-Life
Kelley T. Woods
Kelley T. Woods5 Easy Hypnotic Recipes for Weight Loss
John Soriano, M.S.
John Soriano, M.S.E.F.T. for Professional Hypnotists
Jason Linett
Jason LinettEthical Influence to Sell Your Services
Rick Paddock, CPH
Rick Paddock, CPHDeep & Simple Hypnosis
Victoria Gallagher
Victoria GallagherClient Attraction with Marketing Funnels
Dr. Richard Nongard & Rob Banks
Dr. Richard Nongard & Rob BanksABR Affirmations in Hypnotic Suggestion with Clients

Course Details

Classes will be held in our online learning center each Sunday at 7:00pm Pacific Time. Classes are pre-recorded for the first part of the presentation and you will be able to chat with your instructor and other students in our text-based chatroom. You can then join us for 20-30 minutes of Q&A in our zoom-based video conference room.

If you miss a date or cannot attend due to time-zones, you will have full access to all course materials for one-year. You may also download all course contents for offline viewing 24.7 on your own schedule.

Are you in? We want you to join us!

You can get the super-early bird rate and get all eight classes for $39 if you register now.Our software limits our classes to 100 participants, so register today.

You do NOT need to be an HPTI student to take summer school!
This is open to everyone who want to be inspired to help other with hypnosis!

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