This course, Hypnosis with Children and Teens is taught by Kelley T. Woods, Ch.t. Kelley is the author of two books on pediatric hypnosis, and is a member of the ICBCH Advisory Board. She is in private practice in Washington.  To ask your instructor any questions, please post in our forum at HypnoticAnswers.com 

STEP ONE:  Syllabus for this course

Required Readings

Orientation Video with Kelley T. Woods

Step Four: Core Video Modules
Filmed at the H.P.T.I. Learning Center in Las Vegas (July, 2018)

Step Five: Induction Video
Two Inductions with Child Demonstrated

Step Six: Final Project
Complete at directed in the syllabus to get a certificate of completion
from H.P.T.I.  Submit within 30 days of enrolling for this course.