Propose a Course and Become an
H.P.T.I. Adjunct Professor of Professional Hypnosis

Share your expertise with a new audience, and get paid for your efforts.

You will be granting us non-exclusive use of your video and texts. That means you can continue to sell or distribute on your own website or elsewhere the same course content. However, you agree not to use the H.P.T.I. logo or name when selling on any other platform, and you agree not to sell the same content packages in the same way, for a price less than that of H.P.T.I.

We will help you create your courses, and help you get the recognition you deserve as an Adjunct Professor at H.P.T.I.

H.P.T.I. Instructors also have opportunities to teach intensive live classes in our training facilities and first opportunity to speak at our annual convention in February.

Courses You Create Must Have The Following Components:

  • Course Syllabus/Outline
  • Course Video Presentations
  • Required Reading
  • Final Project or Exam or Paper
  • 10 or 20 Hours of Content/Coursework
  • High Quality Content (Audio/Video/Text)

What We Need

We need courses, that are 10 or 20 hours of original content. These are courses you will create on your own, or with a co-instructor. Classes will either be in a 10-hour format or a 20-hour format. For each ten hour course, one hour will be face-to-face instruction in our online learning center. Of the remaining 9 hours, you can create video content for the at home learning, and assigned reading components you write or that come from published textbooks (6000 words in one hour of content). Video length needs to be 50-59 per hour, or you can segment multiple videos into 1 hour slots (ie. three twenty minute videos). You will also write a course syllabus for each course you create using our format that identified learning objective, required readings, and outlines course content.

Getting Paid

H.P.T.I. Instructors will be paid a percentage of total tuition revenue, divided hours contributed and then divided by instructor hours within the program. The percentage paid is 40% after the distribution. Students will also have the opportunity to register for single courses, and pay a fee per course. In this case, you will earn 45% of the sale price. H.P.T.I. has a huge mailing list, active engagement on social media, and the ability to sell your courses to people you otherwise would never reach. The result is, you will also drive traffic to your website and other products and speaking events. You will be provided with the name, email and phone number of every student who registers for your H.P.T.I course.

Online Form

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