The NLP Foundations Course for Hypnosis Professionals


The NLP Foundations Course at HPTI is a 40 Hour Training Course
It provides you with the learnings and techniques required to integrate NLP into hypnosis and coaching with tremendous success!
With Dr. Richard Nongard and ICBCH Trainer John Soriano, M.Ed.




NLP Foundations with Dr. Richard Nongard
and ICBCH Trainer John Soriano, M.Ed.

You get instant access to this 40-hour trianing program, the downloadable resources, and full HPTI credit. This course is entriely online in our online learning center.

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When this course is completed you will have an option to qualify as an NLP Practitioner through the ICBCH

Why NLP?

  • Resources for more effective hypnosis sessions
  • To improve business communication and marketing
  • To create better relationships at every level
  • To master self-discovery
  • To create tools for transformation
  • To make hypnosis and coaching more effective.

What is NLP?

  • NLP is a collection of techniques proven to work
  • NLP is an integrative way of effectively helping, persuading, and moving people to where they want to be
  • Modeling excellence for you and your clients.

This is a 40-hour comprehensive training program. It includes video, audio, and textbook requirements. You will get to drop in on a 3-day training we did in Las Vegas via video modules and learn online. You also get complete access to the 12 NLP Techniques for hypnotists video series created by Dr. Richard Nongard and 41,000 words of transcripts (which are hypnosis scripts and detailed explanations).

This course also includes a 12 part module on the patterns and techniques of NLP. These are specific demonstrations that show exactly how to use the swish pattern, submodalities, and many other techniques of NLP with clients. 

In addition to the many downloadable resources we have provided, there is also a required textbook. The book is NLP The Essential Guide, and you will find it a fascinating read as you learn these strategies. (Textbook not included in registration fee, it is less than $20 on Amazon and is required reading for this course).

Learn what you need to know!

  • The NLP Presuppositions clearly explained
  • 5-Step Unlimited Success Formula
  • A future based model of modeling in NLP
  • the 2500 year old secrets of Chinese business and how they relate to NLP communication today
  • Master the Meta Model
  • Understand how to utilize trance state
  • Understand a powerful application of the Precision Model
  • Get 41,000 words of transcripts and hypnosis scripts!

Many other specific techniques will be demonstrated! You will finish this course knowing exactly how to use NLP with professional hypnosis and coaching with both adults and teens.

What Are Your Goals?

No pre-requisite, the NLP Foundations Course is open to all. Both HPTI students and other
interested hypnotists may take this course.

  • Ready to accelerate your learning?

  • Ready to master business communication?

  • Are you ready to change your emotions and grow in every way?

  • This course answers the question: What do I do after the hypnotic induction?

  • Elicit new resource state and self-efficacy!

  • ICBCH Certification as an NLP Practitioner is available upon completing this course!

John Soriano, M.Ed. is a recognized expert in both EFT and NLP. He is a school counselor and applies his change work techniques with students and families. In addition, he has a thriving practice where he works with individuals to make significant life changes. You are going to love his teaching style and the way he brings the material to real life. He is joined in teaching this class by Dr. Richard K. Nongard, author of Speak Ericksonian.

Optional ICBCH Certification as an NLP Practitioner Available Upon Completion! (Membership fees may apply)

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This course is held in our online learning center and you get 24/7 access worldwide. All modules are pre-recorded and are downloadable.

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