Hypnosis Mentorship and Supervision – May 2020


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This class online mentorship program begins on Sunday, May 3, 2020.

Each Sunday night using our online Zoom room with cameras, microphones, and limited class size. Each Sunday night for 12 weeks, at 6:00 pm (Las Vegas time zone)
Special guests and Sr. Instructor Richard Nongard
*** This class is 100% FULL ***
You cannot register for this class.

This course is available and begins the same week:


Out of stock



Online Worldwide Mentorship
with HPTI Leaders and Instructors

A Weekly Online Class with Dr. Richard K. Nongard and other HPTI instructors guiding you into excellence!

*** This class is 100% FULL ***
You cannot register for this class. Our mentorship classes ALAWAYS fill in advance.

This course is available and begins the same week:

Small group online mentoring, limited to 24 participants.
(Begins Sunday, May 3, 2020 runs for 12 weeks every Sunday night.)

This is an interactive online class using our zoom classroom. You can join the discussion with camera and    microphone and with text-based chat. You will be able to ask questions, share screens, experience demonstrations and learn the processes of contextual hypnotherapy. 

The course will focus on the ideas realated to Ericksonian Hypnosis and the techniques of Milton Erickson.  We will use the textbook “Speak Ericksonian” and a PDF copy of the entire book will be provided. The best part? We are a small enough group that each person will be able to share specific needs and get personal answers on the theory of hypnosis, the applications of hypnosis, and the business of hypnosis – using the resources of both Milton Erickson, Richard Nongard and other other innovators related to Ericksonian hypnosis.

If you need level-up your success by mastering hypnotic langauage, and you want to share that with your hypnosis clients – and want the skills to back it, this is the class for you.

As a mentorship class, the classs size is kept small, and you are free to bring up issues, cases, and other concerns about your own individual work, even if it deviates from the textbook.

GUEST INSTRUCTORS:  Dr. Richard K. Nongard is the Senior Instructor for this course.

Every Sunday night at 6:00pm (Las Vegas time zone) in our online learning center.
Start date is May 3, 2020

This mentorship class is open to all, both HPTI students and those already practicing clinical hypnosis. Its purpose is to skyrocket your success rate and give you actionable tools in every class.

  • Ask about your personal cases and get answers

  • Explore your own opportunities and define your goals

  • Work systemically with clients

  • Learn what the real pros are actually doing with clients

  • How to structure and price services in your area

Class size is limited to give everyone time to focus on individual needs. Register now to make sure you get a spot. Required textbooks ARE included in the registration price. “Speak Ericksonain” by Dr. Richard Nongard is the required text for this course. Will will also supply you with a PDF version of the book. You can buy the paperback on Amazon. Classes are Sunday night, 6:00pm Pacific Time zone. 

Course Contents:

No pre-requisite, course is open to all. Both HPTI students and other
interested hypnotists may take this course.

  • 12 Weeks of developing peer relationships with others

  • All levels from beginner to highly advanced

  • Experience self-hypnosis online and group activities and practice

  • Resources, scripts, tools, and office forms

  • Decide your best approach based on best practices

  • Real-world textbooks with real answers and ideas

  • ICBCH and HPTI Continuing Education Hours

Register Now, and get full access to this HPTI course!

This course is held in our online learning center via Zoom. You should try to participate LIVE, but all courses will be recorded for those who can not make all the classes. Sunday nights, 6:00pm Pacific Time zone.
You have one year to access the course material.
Please submit the final project within 30 days of enrolling to get a certificate of completion.

This course awards 28 Hours of HPTI and ICBCH Continuing education for Professional Hypnotists. Twelve hours are comprised of Zoom learning modules, reading materials (12 Hours), and completion of a final project (4 hours).

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