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Your Starting Point
is Hypnosis 101

By registering for this course, you start your journey at H.P.T.I.
You will become a certified hypnotist, and be ready to advance your skills to the highest levels. You will be ready to begin working with clients under the supervision of our staff. You will have a basic strategy for hypnotizing people and using it to help people.

The best part? We made this course only $247 because we think you will be so impressed, that you will continue your studies and attain the the highest levels of professional hypnosis instruction and nationally recognized certifications. You can get instant access right now to begin your studies 24/7 from any location in the world.

Register for Hypnosis 101

Then Complete the Full H.P.T.I. Curriculum
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Our graduates are among the  most qualified and successful hypnotists in private practice.


You will continue through our comprehensive training program and earn several specialty certifications along the way. You will learn NLP, and EFT and integrate these methods into hypnotherapy practice. You will gain valuable face-to-face internship experience and have a place to get feedback and practice skills – and you can do this with our worldwide network from any location


H.P.T.I came about after surveying thousands of professional hypnotists worldwide and determining what lead some to succeed and others to fail. We created a training program that was thorough and encompassed the four quadrants of hypnotic success so that you would be able to find the same success top hypnotists worldwide have reported. Our graduates do hypnosis and see clients. You can become one of them!

HPTI is an Approved School for many recognized hypnosis organizations
And graduates become immediately eligible for the highest levels of hypnotherapy certification

Core Modules in Each of the Four Quadrants of Success

Our training program is a comprehensive one year curriculum designed by practicing hypnotherapists, life-coaches, NLP practitioners, and traditional mental health counselors. The result for you is a program that will prepare you to create lasting change in your clients, and to help you build a business using professional hypnosis to impact others. Our core curriculum focuses on methods and techniques, applications to real world issues, private practice development, and changing lives with the power of hypnosis.

Worldwide Online Education

with weekly face-to-face mentoring, and live hands-on training opportunities.

HPTI offers the best of both worlds – online worldwide education and in-person live training modules.

You can complete your studies from anywhere in the world and create hybrid experiences with highly affordable live training modules held in Las Vegas and in other cities. Are you ready to discover your greatest potential and enroll in our full program?

Hypnotic Methods

HYP101: Basic Contextual Hypnotherapy
LAW101: Law and Ethics
HYP112: History of Hypnosis
NLP201: Introduction to NLP
EFT201: Integrating EFT and Hypnosis
HYP210: Advanced Inductions and Deepeners
HYP320: Hypnotic Suggestion and Therapy
HYP330: Ericksonian Hypnosis
HYP340: Direct Suggestion
Hyp450: Hypnotic Phenomena
Hyp460: Trance Utilization
HYP470: Mindfulness Based Hypnotherapy
HYP480: The Structure of Therapy
HYP485: Scripting Hypnosis Sessions


Applications and Protocols

HYP132: Research Methods and Evaluation
HYP215: Demonstration Hypnosis
MED220: Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy
MED225: Psychopharmacology & Neurology
MED230: Oncology Hypnotherapy
MED235: Hypnotic Pain Control
MED240: Gastrointestinal Hypnotherapy
PSY345: Anxiety and Depression
PSY350:  Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Hypnotherapy
LIF355: Weight-Loss Hypnosis
LIF360: Smoking Cessation Hypnosis
HYP465: Autoimmune Disorders
HYP470: Surgical Applications of Hypnosis
SPO222: Sports Performance Hypnosis
LOA211: Affirmations & Positive Psychology
ACA227: Academic Performance
SPEC201: Elective Topic
SPEC202: Elective Topic
SPEC203: Elective Topic


Business Development

BUS101: Developing a Private Practice
BUS110: Creating Community Referrals
BUS215: Social Media Engagement
BUS220: Consulting with Treatment Teams
BUS225: referrals for the Medical Community
BUS330: Creating and Selling Pre-Recorded Sessions
BUS340: Websites for Hypnotherapists
BUS350: Thinking like a Business Person
BUS360: Creating Packages and Selling Solutions
BUS470: Public Speaking for Hypnotitsts
BUS480: Hypnotic Writing
BUS490: Coaching Models


Internship & Exprience

INT101: Online Mentoring1
INT201: Online Mentoring 2
INT301: Online Mentoring 3
INT401: Online Mentoring 4
PRA210: Practicum 1
PRAC310: Practicum 2
LAB150: Technqiues and Transcendence
LAB230: Elective Lab
LAB350: Elective Lab