Hypnosis with Children and Teens

This course, Hypnosis with Children and Teens is taught by Kelley T. Woods, Ch.t. Kelley is the author of two books on pediatric hypnosis, and is a member of the ICBCH Advisory Board. She is in private practice in Washington. To ask your instructor any questions, please post in our forum at HypnoticAnswers.com

Step One


Step Two

Required Readings

Step Three

Orientation Video with Kelley T. Woods

Step Four

Core Video Modules
Filmed at the H.P.T.I. Learning Center in Las Vegas (July, 2018)

Step Five

Dr. Nongard Kid Inductions
Filmed in Wichita when we were all a lot younger! (c. 2007)

Step Six

Final Project
Complete at directed in the syllabus to get a certificate of completion
from H.P.T.I. Submit within 30 days of enrolling for this course.


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