Professional Training
as a Hypnosis

The Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute (HPTI) was founded with the mission of improving the accessibility, affordability, and the academic standards of education for Hypnosis Practitioners.
Recognized by the leading professional associations in America.

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Hypnosis Practitioner
Training Institute

Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute was founded by Scott Sandland, Ch.t. and Richard Clark, M.A.,LMFT over 6 years ago in consultation with Dr. Richard Nongard, who was one of the original course instructors. Sandland and Clark remain as a course instructors. Administration of the school is now solely under the direction of Dr. Richard Nongard, and has four primary focuses:

  • Teaching the fundamental skills of research-based hypnotic methods.
  • Training students in specific application of hypnosis to improve client lives.

  • Helping students create success in the business of private practice as H.P.T.I. graduates.

  • Creating hands-on learning experiences, mentorships and internships with partners worldwide.

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Our goal is to provide a program that is equivalent to or surpasses that of allied complementary health practitioners

We offer challenging academic courses

that will provide our students with a solid understanding of the allied and complementary health field of Professional Hypnosis Practitioner. Beyond the teaching of technique, we ensure our students understand the legal, ethical, commercial, industrial, and collaborative aspects of the profession. Full appreciation of the scope of practice for Hypnosis Practitioners and an understanding of the growing need to incorporate our services into the continuum of care provided in traditional health and mental health fields is key to our students success.

Our goals to improve the standards of education within the profession are paramount.

Our commitment to continuing improvement in program and affordable tuition set us apart from any private training programs. To graduate from HPTI is to truly be a professional and we are dedicated to the proposition that our students will seen as qualified and competent complementary and allied health care providers by the professionals we work with and among.

Success paths as you make progress.

By completing module 1 of our program you will be on your way to being certified as a hypnosis practitioner by H.P.T.I. You will gain membership in the ICBCH and certification as a hypnotist. This open the pathway to seeing clients in our internship and mentorship components and moving forward the the next levels of success. By successfully completing all modules within our program, you will be certified as a hypnotherapist and gain several other valuable recognition’s along the way (NLP, EFT, Life-Coaching, and more).

Insurance for Practicing Hypnotists

We are able to provide both our students and our graduates access to professional liability and general liability insurance through reputable insurance companies we have referral relationship with. When you begin seeing clients you will be eligible for coverage, and can protect yourself and your business.

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You will get a one year membership in the ICBCH immediately upon enrollment. This gives you access to the ICBCH exclusive members only webpages, with resources for your success. We will help you succeed and provide you with tools and resources for success.

And your voice will be heard as we educate the public and provide response to legislative issues that are needed to protect our profession. Remember: Together, we can preserve the right to practice hypnosis.