Do you want to speak at the HPTI/ICBCH
2020 Winter HypnoConference in Las Vegas?

February 17-18-19, 2020 at the Orleans Hotel and Conference Center

**Submission Deadline:  CLOSED – NO MORE SUBMISSIONS**

We had a great call-for-proposals for the February 2020 HPTI/ICBCH Winter HypnoConference. Thank-you for your submission – your talk has been accepted as noted on the list below. I have not created a final schedule so am not sure what time or what day your talk will be. I hope to have that in the next few weeks.

**You must reply to this email to confirm you still intend to attend and speak at this event**

****If you have decided NOT to speak or attend, let me know A.S.A.P****

The terms of your payment (based on referrals for your unique registration link) and other terms were on the page where you made your submission and I have reprinted them at the bottom of the email. By agreeing to be a speaker you agree to these terms.

Here is what I have so far:

DAY ONE (February 17, 2020)

  • Jason Linett – Day One Opening Keynote Speaker
  • Kelley T Woods – Day One Featured Speaker
  • Karen Hand – Day One Featured Speaker
  • Karen and Kelly will do a one-day event focusing on creating workshops and seminars for the public to build groups, community and drive referrals to your private practice.
  • Tracy Adams Day One – Featured Speaker Last Hour Childbirth — Hypnotic Essentials for a Better Birth

DAY TWO AND THREE (February 18-19, 2020)


  • James Hazlerig Hunting the Wild Metaphor
  • Jason Linett Day Two
  • Sheila Granger Identifying Your Clients “Eating” Types to create easy solutions to hypnotic weight loss
  • Leah Agami
  • Martin Peterson
  • Roger Moore Hypnosis for Cancer and After Care: Offering hypnosis support for the whole experience
  • Ken Guzzo
  • Kweethai Neil


  • John Cerbone Subconscious Mind Realignment – Telling a Better Story – Subconscious Reorientation for Dramatic Life Improvement!
  • Victoria Gallagher Exploring My Ten Favorite Manifesting Success Exercises
  • Derrick Watkins Self Hypnosis for Self-Improvement
  • Duff McDuffee Putting the “Programming” Back Into Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Dan Candell Hypnotic Horror Stories: Confessions of A Hypnotist
  • Corine Ropp Commitment to Change Coaching Hypnosis Program+


  • Marian Spergeon Organic Trance
  • Richard Nongard – ICBCH Instructors Meeting
  • Jeffrey Richard The Client Tells The Story
  • Marty Lerman Couples in Trance
  • Joseph Onesta Using Schema Theory to Sharpen Hypnosis Sessions
  • Kevin Cole The Joy of Stimulating Your Vagus Nerve…
  • Curtin Ryals Autonomy and Consent in Hypnosis
  • Jolana Andre Making Sense of the Changing World of Social Media
  • Joni Nedigh  Team Talks That Will Bring You Business
  • Rick Paddock Hypnosis – The Perfect Side Hustle
  • Anthony Glitch Success Through Relaxation
  • Julie Tuner Comfortable in Our Discomfort
  • Matt DeWild Hypnotic Interventions for Addictions
  • Michael DeSchalit From Free Consultation To Paying Client
  • Steve G. Jones How to Make Money in Hypnosis: An In-Depth Look
  • Melanie Bell Sleeping Quickly, Calmly, Soundly, & Deeply
  • John Soriano Using the NLP Presuppositions and Logical Levels as a Framework for Hypnosis
  • Janine Brinetti Hypnosis for the Hypnotist
  • Patricia Vessey Healing With HypnoKinesthetics
  • Lisa Sigsworth  Hypnosis at the End of Life
  • Pam Tolman The use of amino acid and hypnosis to improve your life



TERMS: Airfare, meals, cost of hotel rooms are the responsibility of presenters and will not be compensated for.

HPTI/ICBCH will compensate presenters by providing free conference admission, a complimentary one-year membership renewal/extension as an ICBCH member, and by professionally recording your presentation so you may use it for your own marking purposes, sales, or classroom use.

Presenters will also get a $100 gift certificate they may use for any course or discount at HPTI, or the Work Smart Hypnosis websites.

Upon request, we will create an affiliate link for any presenter who requests it. When registrants use your link to register for the event on your bio/presentation page, you will be paid $25 for each participant who registers as a direct result of your marketing and sharing of that link. No payment will be made for referrals that do not use the specific link we will provide you if you request one, or retroactively for previous events, sales or referrals.

Limited FREE vendor space/tables are available for you to sell your books, resources, and other programs.

Who is invited to speak:  Any experienced hypnotist who is currently seeing clients and doing the real work of professional hypnosis is invited to submit a proposal. You do not need to be a member of ICBCH or an ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, but preference will be given to ICBCH instructors who have taken the Train-The-Trainer course through the ICBCH.

Presentations are one-hour, and we have very limited 90-minute and two-hour time slots. We will assign a time slot, and so submit a proposal you could present in any time slot. Most of the time slots are one-hour, this is what most presenters will receive.

Video:  The conference will be recorded, presenters agree to allow HPTI/subliminalscience/ICBCH/Jason Linett Group to make these videos available to those who pre-register for this event, and then as an ongoing resource to HPTI students and ICBCH members. We will not be selling your video after or during the event, but we may make it available in our library of resources for HPTI/ICBCH students and members after the event. You will get a high-quality video of your presentation and will be free to use it in any way that is beneficial to you after the event – you can even sell your own video keeping 100% of the money.

The Purpose of this Conference:  This conference focuses solely on professional hypnosis in the context of medical, clinical, behavioral, emotional, relationship, and personal improvement. NLP, coaching and hypnosis related topics in these contexts are welcome. Do not submit a proposal that is primarily related to entertainment/stage hypnosis, erotic/esoteric hypnosis, past-life regression or other topics not related directly to the practice of professional hypnosis. We welcome topics that have a basis in evidenced-based approaches for solving problems and improving lives through hypnosis.

Who Attends This Conference:  The 2020 conference will be the 4th event for ICBCH (and now HPTI also). It is attended by a variety of people interested in helping others with professional hypnosis, including nurses, mental health professionals, and professional hypnotherapists who work with clients. It is also attended by HPTI students and others who have recently completed ICBCH and other training programs. It is not open to the public but it is open to newcomers, and hypnotists who have taken any training course or are affiliated with any certification organization.

Questions?  Call Stephanie Skiba or Richard Nongard at (702) 418-3332