Access Page for Mentorship and Supervision

The Zoom link for this course is:

Each Sunday Night at 6:00pm Las Vegas Time (Pacific), join us for a one hour supervision session. On this page we will post the video in case you miss a class, and any notes, scripts, resources, etc. that are referred to in this course.  You are required to purchase tow textbooks for this course:

1.)  Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life by Steven Hays

2.) Reframing Hypnotherapy by Dr. Richard Nongard and Kelley Woods

You need to purchase the paperback of my book or the easy to read and retrieve Kindle version. For those that want the PDF file only here it is, although the Kindle version is easier to read, bookmark and has hyperlinks.

Week One 9/23/2018
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Week  Two 9/30/2018
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Week  Three 10/7/2018
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Week  Four 10/14/2018
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Week  Five 10/21/2018
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Week  Six 10/28/2018
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Week  Seven 11/3/2018
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Week  Eight 11/11/2018
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Week  Nine 11/18/2018
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Week  Nine 11/25/2018
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Week  Nine 12/2/2018
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Final Project – Due 30 Days after the Completion of Class

1.)  Two Book Reviews (Reframing Hypnotherapy & Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life)

Follow this format for both:

Book reviews should be written in the more “formal” academic language (not casual language) and should not be a restatement of the book. It is important that you always read your syllabus carefully because, although the course requirements are similar for most courses, professors will occasionally change those requirements, including the requirements for book reports. Make sure you are following your directions. Be sure you have referred to or quoted from all of the books in the project portion of your paper. Every book review should contain three elements:

First paragraph: State the author’s intent for writing the book, which includes the main thesis (100 words max).

Middle paragraph: Interact with the author’s message. For example: Did you agree or disagree with a specific idea? Why? How does the message of the book fit in with issues you had been struggling to understand before reading it? What points did the author make that were completely new to you—and why are they significant to what you do? What ideas left you wanting to explore them further, and what were your unanswered questions (300 words max.)

Final paragraph: Explain how something you read in the book will change the way you do your own work. Be specific providing concrete action steps. Phrases such as, “I will…” or “I plan to…” are appropriate here. Avoid vague generalizations (100 words max). The maximum number of pages for book reviews is TWO PAGES, DOUBLE-SPACED PER BOOK OR ONE PAGE SINGLE SPACED.  SUBMIT AS WORD DOCUMENT OR PDF.

2.)  2000 Word Essay

2000 word essay – “Share how this course content can be used with you personally and your clients – give examples”  The idea here is for you to apply the two books AND the 12 weekly meetings. Creating essentially an action plan for how you can use the content of this course.

Submit to:   [email protected]  by January 10, 2019