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Recognized Hypnosis Training

Our graduates qualify for certification with many different professional associations.

Do you want to know your training counts?

In addition to academically qualified staff, and incredible course structure, we have already paved the way to having your training recognized by some of the world’s most influential professional associations.

Training with depth

We go beyond simple hypnotic techniques, and teach you how to succeed as a professional hypnotist.

About Our Training Program

Our training program is a comprehensive one year curriculum designed by practicing hypnotherapists, life-coaches, NLP practitioners, and traditional mental health counselors. The result for you is a program that will prepare you to create lasting change in your clients, and to help you build a business using professional hypnosis to impact others. Our core curriculum focuses on methods and techniques, applications to real world issues, private practice development, and changing lives with the power of hypnosis.

Worldwide Online Education

with weekly face-to-face mentoring, and live hands-on training opportunities.

HPTI offers the best of both worlds – online worldwide education and in-person live training modules.

You can complete your studies from anywhere in the world and create hybrid experiences with highly affordable live training modules held in Las Vegas and in other cities. Are you ready to discover why H.P.T.I. graduates are among the most successful hypnotists in practice today?

Hypnotic Methods

The HPTI Program begins with instruction in the methods of hypnosis, proven by research, to be among the most effective. Hypnosis is science, and there are over 12,000 peer reviewed journals showing the ability of hypnosis to help people in a variety of settings. By completing this first module you will be ready to begin using hypnosis to help people in a variety of settings.


Applications and Protocols

In module two of the program, you will learn the applications and protocols for using hypnosis with a wide variety of people. You will learn the most effective methods of medical hypnotherapy, habit control hypnosis, lifestyle change and weight control hypnosis, and how to help people use hypnosis to reach their highest level of peak performance. The program contains more than 120 hours of specific strategy focused training in this module alone.


Business Development

Knowing how to safely and effectively hypnotize others and use hypnosis to help people is awesome. But to be a successful practitioner, you must also have an underlying knowledge of how to build a thriving private practice, and most hypnosis training programs skip this component. We want you to move forward in your success, and we provide the tools to do it at every level. Our graduates have become some of the most successful practitioners in the country. You can too!


Internship & Exprience

Something that has always set H.P.T.I is our face-to-face mentorship and internship experiences.  You will meet on a weekly basis for online group supervision and mentorship with some of the worlds leading authorities. You will also have opportunities to attend live training events as part of the H.P.T.I. curriculum. And all graduates will work with a mentor in their immediate geographic location and will will help you arrange this.


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HPTI is an Approved School for ICBCH Professional Hypnosis Certification

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