Thoughts on Learning

Submitted by: Alumni Dave Berman

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: The first 20 hours — how to learn anything

I just watched a Ted Talk about learning taking only 20 hours, despite the popular wisdom that it takes 10,000. According to the video, that larger number is really about reaching the top of very specialized fields. The lower number is about developing basic competence at ordinary things. The presentation is inspiring and motivating to get started with a little learning and then regular practice – doing.



This connects with the framework of HPTI.  The school is positioned as an alternative to training that is perhaps 20-100 hours. Those shorter hypnosis programs are enough to learn the basics, but that is insufficient for being a qualified professional capable of working with clinical and medical issues. Spending a year in over 500 hours of classes and 200 hours of doing is putting the premise of this video to the real test.

HPTI is not saying all graduates are now inherently the equivalent of grand master chess champions. But we do have 10x the amount of doing experience as it takes for basic competence and 25x the amount of knowledge. This is by no means a place to stop. In fact, it is a really good place to just get started – open a professional practice, respect the scope of it, get ongoing mentorship and continued specialty training in areas of interest, and over time, take on more challenging or complicated issues.

But before reaching graduation and taking that leap, new students often face inhibitions about getting started with the basic act of practicing inductions. What this video presents, in a nurturing and encouraging way, is the reason why watching even just the first half of the Hyp100 videos is enough to start doing. In the beginning, the more you do it, the faster you’ll notice improvement too. Watch the video, you’ll see.

davebDave Berman graduated Magna Cum Laude from the inaugural HPTI class in 2012.
His private practice, Manifest Positivity  is based in Arcata, CA.