Here we go again!

We are organizing a new cohort for HPTI. 

Pay once now.... get our entire online program forever!

We are bringing together a new cohort of students starting NOW!

For 24 students only, we will offer our full program (over 700 hours) delivered uniquely both online and in person at a one time introductory price. AND.... you won't believe all the stuff you're going to get!

  • Over 700 hours of training from some of the best instructors in the world.
  • Lifetime unlimited access to every class that HPTI offers (seriously, everything!).
  • Access to HPTI's student and alumni referral and support network.
  • The opportunity for 200 hours supervised internship.
  • FREE Live Training weekends at least every 3 months.
  • Instruction and guidance in subject areas and approaches to the profession that can't be found anywhere else at any price. 

HPTI has returned to our very popular original instructional model. We will be delivering our extensive curriculum to a few qualified students in a pre-scheduled series over the course of one year. Students, like in traditional education programs, will work together as a cohort and take the same classes at the same time.

So, we are taking all the feedback and input we’ve received over the last four years, doing away with the things that didn’t meet expectations and focusing on the things that really helped our students learn, grow, and be successful.


We provide an intensive year of training for a  maximum of 24 students. The first class offered will be HYP100 – Introduction to Hypnosis. This you can begin immediately once you've registered. Followed by LAW101 - Law and Ethics. After those course you are ready to join our one of a kind, highly acclaimed internship class and begin gaining experience you can't get anywhere else.

We are also making an unprecedented offer to those few that register for this year’s HPTI program that is unlikely to ever be offered again… Sign-up for HPTI Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Program this summer and you will get grandfathered in to free access to any courses, current or future, live or online, past or present, FOREVER! And be part of our highly successful and supportive instructor, student, and alumni, network and forum to make the most out of everything you will be learning and ensure your success!

You really cannot find an educational opportunity anywhere in the field of Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy like this at any price. Honestly, this extensive and well-rounded model of education in the field is unique.

This is what one of our graduates has to say about the value of our program

Schools that offer extended programs (a few months and a couple courses), not really even half the content of HPTI, charge upwards of $10,000 for their program.

Courses taught in 1 or 2 weeks that barely scratch the surface of what you need to learn charge $2,000 - $5000 regularly and require you to travel and take weeks out of your life (vacation time, hotel, airfair, expenses) to get a fraction of what we provide for preparing you to succeed.

We give you exponentially more in original instruction, resources, hands-on training, and follow-up support and, for this summer only (and only the 1st 24 students that sign-up), we’ll ask you to invest a fraction of that!

Sign-up now for only $1,995

Here is what you get…

The Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Program

HYP100 Introduction to Hypnosis – 4 weeks - START NOW – Online
Scott Sandland

LAW101 Law & Ethics – 2 weeks – After completion of HYP100 – Online
Richard Clark

HYP300 Internship – 36 weeks – After completion of LAW101 – Online
Richard Clark

HYP101 Techniques & Transcendance – 2 days – 28-29, Aug – Live in Las Vegas, NV, USA
Scott Sandland

HYP205 Regression & Parts Therapy – 4 weeks – 4-Sep – Online
Roy Hunter

HYP225 Quit – 4 weeks – 2-Oct – Online
Jesse Marion, Shawn & Sarah Carson

NLP101 Introduction to NLP – 4 weeks – 30-Oct – Online
Michael Watson

PSY200 Research Methods & Evaluation – 2 weeks – 27-Nov – Online
Richard Clark

HYP101 Techniques & Transcendance – 2 days – 2-3, Dec – Live in Newport Beach, CA, USA
Scott Sandland

HYP215 Demonstration Hypnosis – 2 weeks – 11-Dec – Online
Sean Michael Andrews

HYP210 Contextual Hypnotherapy – 4 weeks – 7-Jan – Online
Richard Nongard

PHI101 Critical Thinking and Social Influence – 4 weeks – 4-Feb – Online
Brian David Phillips

HYP101 Techniques & Transcendance – 2 days – 3-4, Mar – Live in Newport Beach, CA, USA
Scott Sandland

HYP220 History of Hypnosis – 4 weeks – 19-Mar – Online
James Hazlerig

NLP205 Integrative Life Coaching – 4 weeks – 16-Apr – Online
Melissa Tiers

PSY205 Psychopharmacology & Neurology – 2 weeks – 14-May – Online
Katie M. Wiens & Brennan Smith

HYP305 Medical & Dental Hypnosis – 4 weeks – 28-May – Online
Scott Sandland & Michael Ellner

HYP101 Techniques & Transcendance – 2 days – 2-3, Jun – Live in Newport Beach, CA, USA
Scott Sandland
HYP310 Practice Building – 2 weeks – 25-Jun – Online
Scott Sandland
HYP315 Capstone Course – 4 weeks – 10-Jul – Online
Scott Sandland & Brian David Phillips
HYP101 Techniques & Transcendance – 2 days – Aug 2017 – Live in Las Vegas, NV, USA
Scott Sandland

That’s the HPTI intensive program.

You also get....

  • Lifelong support and networking through the exclusive HPTI student and alumni forum.
  • Continued online access to all of the course material to review as often as you’d like.
  • The opportunity to gain 200 hours of mentored practice as part of our HYP300 internship class
  • The opportunity to attend our live weekend training classes anywhere and anytime forever
  • Opportunities for discounts and freebees related to HypnoThoughts Live conference.
  • And the intangible satisfaction of knowing your part of something truly revolutionary in the profession.

That’s what every student of HPTI gets.

Sign-up now for only $1,995

Or, you can make 6 easy payments of $387