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Requirements for Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Program

The HPTI Certified Hypnosis Practitioner (CHP) program requires 52 units consisting of primarily online interactive courses. There are also requirements for additional work outside of class including: independent reading, writing assignments, and internship client sessions.

Required courses are as follows:

HYP100 – Introduction to Hypnosis – 4 units
HYP101 – Techniques and Transcendence – 2 units
HYP205 – Regression and Parts Therapy – 4 units
HYP210 – Contextual Hypnotherapy – 4 units
HYP215 – Demonstration Hypnosis – 2 units
HYP220 – History of Hypnosis – 4 units
HYP300 – Internship – 4 units
HYP305 – Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy – 4 units
HYP310 – Practice Building – 4 units
HYP315 – Capstone – 4 units
NLP101 – Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming – 4 units
NLP205 – Integrative Life Coaching – 4 units
PHI101 – Critical Thinking and Social Influence – 4 units
LAW101 – Law and Ethics – 2 units
PSY200 – Research Methods and Evaluation – 2 units
PSY205 – Neurology and Psychopharmacology – 2 units

In addition, We require that all students either have previous coursework or demonstrate knowledge in the the following areas: Introduction to Psychology and Anatomy & Physiology. We have simple, basic, free resources available for students that do not have these prerequisites that can be completeld prior to graduation.

We have integrated our live residential training weekends into the program designated as HYP101. It is Highly Recommended that students attend as many of the in person live training sessions as possible however, the certification program requires you need only attend one.

We also require that students gain 200 hours internship and must participate in our 3 to 6 month internship program designated as HYP300.

HYP300 – Internship
(Prerequisites: HYP100, LAW101)

diploma1Meets on-line weekly for 36 consecutive weeks for 1 hour for class discussion related to completing appropriate internships. Internship consists of 200 hours practical, hands on hypnosis experience under the supervision of the course Instructor and approved Field Supervisor.

Hours may be obtained in the following ways and may be compensated, uncompensated, or paid for depending on arrangements with Field Supervisor.

  • Personal hypnosis consultation, counseling, coaching, psychotherapy either individual or group.
  • Observation of hypnosis sessions by approved Field Supervisor. Maximum of 50 hours.
  • Conducting work related tasks for approved Field Supervisor. Maximum 50 hours.
  • Extracurricular trainings, live or on-line, with prior approval of Instructor. Maximum 100 hours.
  • Live hypnosis sessions conducted by student.  No Maximum.

Total program = 52 units

The Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute Program

At HPTI we think that every Practitioner of Hypnosis should strive to expand their knowledge and skill base continuously. We also feel that each new practitioner should learn many different approaches and have a foundation of learning similar to that required of all helping professionals.

We provide courses for continuing education for Hypnosis Practitioners which are accepted by most of the major Hypnosis Certifying Organizations.  In addition, if you complete and pass the required courses from our catalog, many organizations accept our certification of competence to meet the standards for acceptance as a certified member.

Our courses are structured to provide 1 Unit of credit every week with each course being completed during the weeks they are offered (some exceptions may be arranged when justified).

We are using the Standard Collegiate Quarter System for calculating course unit credit.

Each Unit = 10 hours class time

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