New Curriculum for 2013

We’ve got some exciting news for prospective students. We have learned a lot from our first year offering this comprehensive program, and as a result, we’ve made some changes.

First, our students told us that one of the added side benefits to coming together for basic training at the beginning of the first quarter was a deep camaraderie and a sense of shared experience. They have suggested we increase the live, in-person, face-to-face training opportunities. So we did.

In 2013, at the beginning of each quarter we will have a live training weekend. These weekends will be free for students that make the trip to Los Angeles, and for international students and others that can’t make the trip, we will stream the weekend training live online with two-way communication.

Second, several of our courses did not really contain enough information to justify the time spent in class, and a few others had way too much information for the time allotted. We’ve combined some classes and extended others as needed. See our 2013 course schedule here.

Third, we have decided to keep our very low per-unit price from 2012 and continue it for the 2013 students. Because we are not about making a profit but rather about making a difference, we will keep our pricing much much lower than any nearly comparable training for Hypnosis Practitioners. We say “nearly comparable”–but in reality, there are no comparable training programs that we are aware of.

We offer a challenging professional curriculum that covers areas of education omitted by other trainers. Courses like Critical Thinking, Psychology, Law and Ethics, Anatomy and Physiology, Neurology and Psychopharmacology, Research Methods, and Evidence-Based Interventions are unique to HPTI, yet we feel they should be required training for any Professional Hypnosis Practitioner. Virtually all other training programs are about learning how to do hypnosis the way the trainer does. They are essentially one dimensional, and even if the trainer is good, they offer only one perspective on the profession. We incorporate courses from a diversity of teachers and trainers. Many are among the best of the best in their own right. You will learn many different perspectives on the profession so that you can form your own unique approach to the work.

Many one- or two-week programs charge twice the price we charge for a year-long curriculum. Most longer programs charge five or six times our tuition fees. At full tuition, the cost of attending HPTI is about $200 a month, paid as you go. We send you an invoice two weeks before the start of each class, and all you have to do is click the pay button.

The full cost of our year-long, 57 unit program is $2444. The program consists of:

80 hours live, in-person training; plus
120 hours live, online interaction with world-class instructors; plus
370 hours of on-demand video lessons; plus
200 hours internship.

That works out to $3.17/hour of instruction. Compare that to a two-week, hundred-hour course costing $3000 ($30/hour of instruction).

No one is prepared to be a Professional Hypnosis Practitioner after two weeks.

Every graduate from HPTI is a fully prepared, highly skilled Professional Hypnosis Practitioner with advanced knowledge not taught elsewhere.

And finally, we have decided to offer a generous tuition discount program for the Winter 2013 class admissions. As part of our mission to provide superior training at affordable cost, we strive to provide opportunities for qualified motivated students to gain the best possible training for the profession at a cost that is manageable.

Students that Apply before Nov. 1, 2012, and get 25% discounted course fees.
Apply before Dec. 1, 2012, for
 10% off course fees.

The application deadline is Jan. 1, 2013.

At 25% discounted course fees, it’s only about $150/month for the most comprehensive training around. The full-year program would be $1833.

All applicants must meet qualifications and are interviewed to determine motivation and aptitude prior to admission, but the discounts apply to the date the application is submitted.

Review the admission criteria here and fill out your application here.


2013 is going to be a great year for HPTI, and we hope you’ll consider being part of it.