Big Announcement

Here we go with another BIG announcement.  I’m really excited about this and I know you guys are busy, so I’m going to break it down so you won’t miss out on this news:

  1. We have a 50 hour class on “introduction to hypnosis” that we are making free.
  2. There is no commitment or catch.  It’s just free for everyone.
  3. If you pass the class, you get all our other classes for 30% – 35% off.

The link to the free stuff is here:

For those of you who feel like reading the details, there’s more to learn.  This is an incredible opportunity, even if you already know hypnosis.

For a long time now we’ve been limited in hypnosis training options by simple logistics.  The who, where, when, and how much have dictated what you learn about hypnosis and what quality of training you get.  This is an outdated system.  So over the last few years we’ve been among the few schools taking hypnosis training online.  That takes care of a lot of those limitations, but it still leaves an important one:  How much does it cost?

HPTI is answering this question in the same way HypnoThoughts always has:  Make it FREE.  We are giving away 50 hours of hypnosis training to anyone who wants to take it.  We don’t ask you to commit to anything or pay for anything, we just want you to take our class and see what you think.  Our introductory course, HYP 100, is now completely free.

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Why are we doing this?  Three reasons:

  1. Because it’s more fun this way.
  2. Because we mean what we say about helping hypnotists learn and not being in it for the money.
  3. Because we are proud of our school and think once you take one of our classes you will want to take more of them.

And if we are right about all three, you’ll be happy to know that anyone who passes HYP 100 will get 30% – 35% off any class they take with HPTI forever.  As we continue to roll out new courses the discount will apply to those classes as well.

To be clear and up front:  50 hours is a whole lot of content, but it’s not a complete education.  This course is designed to set the stage for the rest of your training, no matter where that may be.  We quiz you along the way, offer a final exam at the end, and even have you submit a video of you hypnotizing someone for review.  We want to make sure you guys get the most out of the course so that you can effectively build on it in the future.

We aren’t trying to make in-person training obsolete; we are working to make it more valuable and effective.  By taking all the basic instruction online you have more practice time in any in-person training.  You get more value out of the hands on courses by making them more hands on.

If you’d like to take our free HYP100 course, you can read more about it here:


See you there,